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What is Frank Furniture?


 frank  adjective    

   \ ˈfraŋk  \ 

  1. Open and honest in expression

  2. Free from reserve, disguise, or guile; clearly evident

Chuck Heydinger

Master woodworker and owner

Chuck began designing and making furniture in 1997 while studying architecture at the University of Kentucky (BARCH 1999). He began his career from his alma mater taking on various roles embedded in the Furniture Design Studio within the College of Architecture. Between managing the workshop facilities and adjunct teaching, he experimented on his own while attracting the attention of many of the professors architects he worked with, garnering commissions throughout the Lexington Kentucky area.

Wanting to broaden his experience, Chuck moved his family in 2007 to Savannah Georgia where he attended SCAD as a graduate candidate in furniture design (MFA 2009). While finishing his thesis work, he began working for acclaimed woodworker Greg Guenther, a Savannah fixture in the arts and preservation community for 40 years. Fortunate to be a part of Greg's team during the pinnacle of his career, Chuck helped fashion true masterpieces for patrons from Manhattan to San Francisco until Greg's retirement in 2015.

Today, Chuck continues that tradition in the same space in the historic district of beautiful downtown Savannah. His studio provides services to private collectors, design professionals, and area museums and institutions. Quality, not quantity is what is important at Frank Furniture Studios. The finest materials and attention to detail remains his signature.

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